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    WineX for SuSE Linux 9.0.

    I've just recently got SuSE Linux 9.0. Everything is working fine as well but there is one obvious problem. I wanted to get WineX working for SuSE because I can't determine how am I going to get WineX to support the Windows Application games. As you know, I'm new to the Linux OS. I know it's different than Windows, but I've gotta learn it though. Takes time.
    Anyway, I know that Linux doesn't even require Windows XP for Windows games because Linux has it's own particular API or something like that. When I've went to, I've downloaded only the 3 specific binary files for SuSE 9.0. Ok, now this is the part that I'm getting stuck in the first place. So I hope most of you can help me with this WineX stuff. After when I've downloaded 3 binary files, their were known as RPM type files, and I have no idea on what I can do with those files. Apparently, TransGaming is charging you for $5 a month so you can download WineX 3.3. Unfortunately, a lot of people bothers too much with that. So I possibly think that paying those lousy $5 for WineX at TransGaming is a pain in the ass. It's not essential to pay for it unless someone knows how to find a possibility without subscribing. Like I said, I have 3 binary files, and I don't know how to deal with those files. Does anyone have ideas regarding with my binaries?

    Edit: Can't say that you can't live without the games like Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, or Call of Duty. I can't miss those great games.

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    WineX is found at, not winehq. WineX isn't the same as Wine. If transgaming decide to release their implementation under a subscription then surely best to do that?
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