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    Smile where i can find the installed (./configure , make , make install) application?


    I'm a (linux, linux forums) newbie and i have a question about install the (./configure , make , make install) application

    after downloading and extracting the tar,gz file i do the usual three commands:

    su -c "make install"

    and some times i add the --prefix=/usr/bin/ switch to the configure

    the question is , where is the installation folder ? and why i can't see the app in the apps menu?

    my distro=rhel4 and my kde=3.3.1

    can any one help me?
    best regards,

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    Probably the easiest way to find the location of the app is to use whereis. You can also try locate, which will give you every file/directory that includes the search term. For either of those, you need to know the name of whatever you're looking for (including correct case).

    An alternative, if you still have the source, is to look in the Makefile to see where it's told to install stuff when make install is called. For that, you probably need to know the install prefix from the configure file unless you specified it on the command line when running configure.

    Easier still, if you still have the terminal open from installing the program, is to scroll up (using Shift-PageUp) and look at the ouput from make install.

    As for the KDE menu entries, source-compiled programs almost never assume a particular window manager or desktop environment, and so don't include menu entries. Distro packagers will usually put freedesktop-compliant menu entries into their packages, but even then you can get stuff placed in odd parts of the menu. You normally have to add the menu items yourself. Hopefully the program includes a pixmap icon in one of its installed directories, or put one in /usr/share/pixmaps.
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