just dicoverd some nice options in xchat for createing custom commands, most of you will probably allready know of this but heer it is for those who dont:

edit xchat - settings - User Commands -create new - (now int he first field enter the name of the command like IDENTIFY for example) - IDENTIFY - then the actualy real command - msg nickserv identify password -

now when you want to identify all you have to do is type /identify :D

you can allso add recover and release and have it do it when you join irc automaticaly.

14. How do I execute multiple commands in one line?

There are two ways to do this:

* You can create two UserCommands, with the same name, and then execute the UserCommand. It will be executed in the same order as it's written in the UserCommands gui.
* /LOAD -e <textfile>, where <textfile> is a full pathname to a file containing commands on each line.

edit: you might need to add /timer command between the other commands int he text file