CAMS and Freemailer are the only projects (on SourceForge) that I've discovered which come close to my appeal for a snail-mail Linux-compatible program; and they both appear to be dormant projects, no downloadable files or activity since 2004.

The Franklin County Humane Society, for whom I'm a full-time volunteer, needs to do an occasional snail-mail funding-raising appeal, sending out letters and envelopes the 'ole-fashion' way. For the general mass-mailing, we can use a commercial service with a bulk-mail permit, but for the smaller, supplemental mailings (50-300 or so), it falls to me to use some sort of program to print the addresses on envelopes. Right now, I'm 'hobbling along' with Mail Merge in (even the Animal Shelter Management program depends on exporting to MS Word or Writer).

But it would be far better if I could maintain the complete mailing list in a dedicated mail-list program comparable to MyAdvancedMaillist (Windows format; yes, I know it's sometimes advertised as compatible with Linux, but this is false).

Are you or do you know a developer who is interested in making such a mail-list program (like MyAdvancedMaillist, an amalgam of table/spreadsheet/database-form style information reservoir with a very easy layout-design facility for making labels and addressing envelopes)?