Alright, i spent the better part of 5 hours yesterday trying to get Kismet working in CentOS 4.3. I had no luck. Today, i put a fresh install of CentOS 4.3 on my laptop, starting from scratch. Is there anyone who can help me get this installed?

And before you tell me to read the documentation, i already have. about 300 times. I am a complete noob, and the documentation aparently expects you to have a working knowledge of linux, which i do not. I hate asking to be spoonfed, but i guess that's what i'm looking for.

I ended up getting Kismet installed, but i had to patch drivers, something to do with the source. I really have no idea, but i want to learn. I'm sure this is probly not the best first step, but it's the plate i was dished. But I am starting from scratch now.