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    Ghost / Partimage / or other ?

    Hello everyone,

    My question is for those that have used these products and can tell me the pitfalls that they may each have so I can avoid them while testing.

    My objective is to create an Image of a server Full OS included ( under 700 MB ) so it will fit on a CD.

    We have many new servers that we wish to configure identically so the capability to slap a bootable CD in the drive and install a Clean image is needed.

    some of the concerns I have are:

    If the current servers disk is 80 GB will I be required to burn 80 GB worth of image even though the "OS" image is under 700 MB ?

    Can "Ghost for Linux" copy an image to a CD / or multiple CD's ?

    How about Partimage ?

    Which software would be best to use to accomplish this and why ?

    Any special considerations after image is copied, ie Boot loader issues ?
    or will the image be capable of booting as it did on the machine that the image was taken from without having to do additional configurations.
    (reason for this question is that we have non-technical people that may be installing the image and I would like to make it as simple as possible)

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    I've only had experience of partimage but found it to be excellent. As for your main concerns, I think they are all answered here . I regularly backup my working system to partition and dvd before updating or "tweaking" in case of mistakes and it really does work well.
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    Hello beagle2,

    thank you for your reply, I am going to initiate some testing of both ghost for Linux and Partimage.
    I had reviewed the partimage and ghost for Linux documentation prior to posting my questions. I just was not sure if anyone ran into any downsides of creating images and more importantly restoring from images using these methods.

    I appreciate any feedback and will post my results once they are complete.


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