So, first off, hello. I was googling around for forums on which I might ask this question, and this one seemed a likely candidate; hopefully I was correct in that assumption. Relevent information: a year ago, I was a completely Linux noob. I knew how to get around on a command line, sure, but that was it. But, last spring I got an old desktop for free, and started playing around with Linux on it, and now this summer I've been doing random sysadmin'y stuff for my college. So, I'm still new, but no longer actually a newbie.

Anyway, one of the big tasks this summer for me has been installing the latest version of that horrible monstrosity called openldap (quite useful, yes, but not much fun to get working). Anyway, for a while, I was stuck: it said it compiled correctly, but then gave an error about a mismatched version of sasl (as an older version of sasl is installed on the box, for compatibility with other programs we don't feel like updating at this time). Eventually I figured out how to tell openldap to compile using the right sasl libraries, and it actually compiled correctly. So now it's working.

But... then I tried to get it working with ssl. Now, I'm getting exactly the same error I was getting before, only from the sasl init function: "ldap_int_sasl_init: SASL library version mismatch: expected 2.1.22, got 2.1.19". How could openldap have compiled with the 2.1.22 libraries, but compiled its ssl functions thinking it was using the 2.1.19 libraries? Is there any obvious thing I could do to fix this? I will gladly provide any config/debug output that people might find useful, I just don't know which parts of the config/debug would be useful. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!