I'm trying to configure my blackbox style and the line I want to change looks like this:
session.focusModel: ClickToFocus

The entry for this option on the Blacbox Wiki looks like this:
* Default Value: ClickToFocus. Value Type: text. Possible Values: SloppyFocus, AutoRaise, ClickRaise, ClickToFocus.
* Description: Determines the window focus model. ClickToFocus must be used by itself. If you use SloppyFocus you must also add either AutoRaise or ClickRaise in order to fully define the sloppy behaviour.
I'm trying to use to change the value to AutoRaise, but for some reason I can't get the syntax right. I'm told that SloppyFocus must be used with AutoRaise, but I can't figure out if I need two lines to indicate that in the code or the correct way to write it on one line. I've tried a few variations and haven't been successful.

Any ideas?