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    having problems with overcross (wine)...

    everytime when i launch the overcross it opens a dialog that says:

    "Unable to convert 'c:/' to a Unix path:

    wine: failed to initialize: /opt/cxoffice/lib/wine/ failed to map
    segment from shared object: Cannot allocate memory"

    now... i've found a solution:

    it says that i need to go to: etc/stsconfig as a root and i need to edit a file that called ulimit....
    in the ulimit i need to change the value of virtualsoftlimit to 0...
    but i can't figure how to save the file after that im changing it....
    it seems that im stucked inside the file (right after writing "edit ulimit" in the terminal)..
    how can i save it or if theres another solution.....

    tnx.. so sorry to bother you so much....

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    Well, in direct answer to your question, I'm guessing the file is owned by root and you are editing it as a user, so you can edit it, but not save the edit. So just edit it as root.

    But back on the original problem, every "Windows" file accessed by Wine must be reachable by a path mapping in your ~/.wine/dosdevices/ directory. Is your "fake C drive" ~/.wine/drive_c? From your question, it's not clear what setup you have. But I suspect the solution lies in creating a symbolic link in your dosdevices directory wherever it is.

    Try this:
    cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
    ln -s /opt o:
    That will cause every file under /opt to be visible via the Wine o: drive (assuming ~/.wine is your Wine directory).

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