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Thread: AWK scripts..

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    AWK scripts..

    I have a problem with awk..

    Is it possible to create a script in AWK that reads that input of a user from a keyboard..

    Something like:
    Prompts the user for some string input and stores this string into a variable which will be use in the process.. ? ..

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    Hi, ethnicme.

    Yes it is possible, although it may not be obvious. One way is illustrated here:
    #!/usr/bin/awk -f
    #!/usr/bin/nawk -f
    #!/usr/bin/mawk -f
    #!/usr/bin/gawk -f
    # @(#) a4       Demonstrate awk writing to, reading from terminal.
    # Note that the "-f" is required in the sh-bang line.
    # Use: ./a4 file  -or-  ./a4 /dev/null
    # Verified with awk, nawk, gawk, mawk.
    BEGIN   { print "System " ARGV[0] ": enter your name" > "/dev/tty"
                    getline name < "/dev/tty"
            { print $0 }
    END     { print "I read your name as: " name > "/dev/tty" }
    When this is run with an existing trivial file:
    % ./a4 data1
    System awk: enter your name
    Hello, world.
    I read your name as: drl
    Best wishes ... cheers, drl

    PS Questions like this will probably get more exposure in the Linux Programming & Scripting forum.

    ( edit 1: add PS )
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