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    Quote Originally Posted by Marsolin
    It looks like katalogservice is the right one. The deb package has a .desktop file that calls it. Both katalog and katalogservice should have man pages. I suggest checking those out for usage instructions.
    no man pages, but this is what i found:

    now, i didn't have Konqueror installed, and it seems that's how the Katalog itself is called... so let me try and install that first.

    yep, that worked.

    here's a screenshot of how to use it as well:


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    Cool. I'm glad you figured it out.

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    thanks for the help again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Serb
    Griffith and Tellico are no good to me since I need to catalogue CDs and DVDs of mixed content, and they don't index the CDs at all (or at least Tellico doesn't).
    At least for Tellico, does File->Import->File Listing not give you a listing of the CD or DVD content as you want it?

    Full disclosure, I wrote Tellico and I use it to do something similar to what I think you want.

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