Been searching high and low for a photo slideshow program that has the following features:

I have tried: gwenview, f-spot, gthumb, kview, gThumb, gtkSee, ida, kview... so far, as far as I can tell, none of the these programs have the combination of features I am looking for..

Running Ubuntu PPC on a Apple Powerbook.. "QPict" for OS X was the perfect program for me on mac, but I really prefer Linux, this one program is the only thing I still need to use a mac for!@!#

Any other suggestions for programs to try?.. or advise on how to get any of the mentioned programs to do what I want?

1) View photos from a root directory, and all photos in all subfolders of the root directory

2) Able to randomize all photos

3) Able to pause slideshow

4) When paused, use forward/back buttons to manually view photos before and after photo that was paused on.

5) Variable slideshow delay

6) Fast

7) No (or able to turn off) pretty (slow) transitions