I am getting the following error message.
I believe it is because of the character ampersand #65533;
Excluded by match: /var/www/html/general/Backup/Alvarado/fotoseries/Borrador final/revisiᦅn_fotoseries_Dante.pdf
( I also had trouble using the actual ampersand character in this post. )

The command that generates the message is :
mkisofs -d -D -l -L -N -r -v -x /var/www/html/general/NoBackup \
-o /var/tmp/cuatro_backup.iso -graft-points /var/www/html=/var/www/html
So it is the -x that "excludes" a portion of the directory that does not need to be backed up.

How can I code the -x phrase so that Dr. Alvarado's files are backed up ?

International characters must often be used by non-English speaking users.