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    Getting Email working on Linux

    Hi there

    I'm using Redhat 8.0 at the moment (not by choice), and have been asked to enable the machine to send out email. I've managed to download the src for mutt and have also been able to install it succesfully. I've tried sending a message, but it doesn't seem as if the message is going anywhere. I have not set up any mail servers or do I go about configuring the machine to send and receive mail through a given mail server?


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    this is just a stab in the dark as I have not used RH or mutt, and i apologize if this an obvious question, but when you set up your account for your email, did you say what the POP and SMTP servers were?

    oi.........just checked it out and this is a console email....hmmm.........

    you may have read through this but it may help...

    good luck

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    Yes, mutt is a console mail client. I'm just having difficulty understanding the whole Linux email scenario. Is sendmail the email deamon that most email clients use to send/receive mail. Does sendmail contain the configuration files which sets the pop3/smtp servers to use?
    Where do I set the pop3 and smtp servers?

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    sendmail is the mail server program. responsible for sending and recieving email for a proper server. if your box isn't going to be a mail server (or local post office) then you should use a GUI based email client.

    otherwise you could use sendmail as a local postoffice. where it forwards email from your network to a smarthost - your isp. you would need to put somestuff in about email address translation. sendmail is very difficult to configure. check out the linux documentation project - there's a few howtos. - in this scenario you would use something like fetchmail to check the remote pop3 mail boxes of the users, download the mail and dump it in the appropriate mailbox. do a google for sendmail and fetchmail and you'll find some stuff. but it's not easy.

    I've got sendmail working here so my web server can send email via php. I only had to change a few settings in the script which builds the sendmail config file. I used the Redhat Linux Bible to help.
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