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I don't know which kqemu version matches my kernel, 2.6.21-7.fc7xen. So can you tell me something about that?
If that kernel is officially supported by the fedora team, then they should also make available kqemu's compiled for it (as for the rest of supported kernels). If they don'Ąt, then you should complain in the fedora bugzilla or whatever mechanism fedora uses to report bugs.

If there's no precompiled module, then you will probably need to compile your own kernel and after that, your own kqemu.

By the way, can I update the kernel to get rid of the xen, and let my fc7 directly run on my pc?

Thank you so much!!!
I guess it's just a matter of compiling (or installing) a new non-xen kernel, and using grub or any other bootloader to load your new kernel. You might need to adjust /etc/fstab and setup your /boot/grub/grub.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst

I don't know anything about xen nor fedora, so I can't really help much on this part of the problem.