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    Duel View

    Posted on behalf of a friend.

    Hey guys,

    I recently attached an old 15" monitor (LCD still) to my comp, next to the 21.3" I already had.

    Now, in Windows this works just fine. With nVidia's DualView I can set a different refresh rate and resolution for both, as it should. (21.3" = 1600x1200@60Hz; 15" = 1024x768@72Hz)

    So I tried booting up in Linux yesterday (CentOS 4) to test some thingy I downloaded.
    Thing is, it starts flipping about. It probably wanted to let both screens operate at the same resolution, so then only thing I saw on my 15" were grey stripes. My 21" was totally black.

    I can probably just unplug the small screen for it to boot up properly, but I don't feel like crawling under my desk each time I want something done on Linux.

    So, any ideas on how to get this to work?

    Help will be much appreciated ^^

    -- Bekko


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    You need to enable xinerema
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