I've been trying to access several streamed mp3's using mplayer. They are all of the form: rtsp://<ip address>/<filename>.mp3

Unfortunately, some of the filenames contain unicode characters. Well, to be more precise, some contain non ISO-8859-1 characters. For example:

04 Troisième Année, No. 4.mp3
06 D’Gary Vavarano.mp3

RealPlayer has no trouble with these urls. However, I'm trying to take advantage of mplayer's -dumpstream option.

When I attempt to play these files from the command line (e.g. mplayer 'rtsp://<ip address>/04 Troisième Année, No. 4.mp3'), mplayer is obviously making some attempt to make these url requests well formed. It spits out the error:

Failed to get a SDP description from URL "rtsp://<ipaddress>/04%20Troisième%20Année,%20No.%204.mp3": Failed to read response: Operation now in progress

You can see that it's replacing the spaces with %20. However, as far as I could tell by reading other forums, there IS NO WAY to represent unicode characters right? My confusion arises from the fact that realplay has no trouble with these urls. So, clearly, it must be possible to access them.

Any ideas how to play these with mplayer?

(I was trying to avoid giving the ip address of the server, because its a school server. If you think you need it in order to figure this out, let me know.)