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    3D Modelling software


    I'm traying to find a software for 3d modeling. I've been trying to use Blender, but I would prefere to find something more on the line lik Rhino3D on win. Becouse I can draw every line exactly like a CAD software, but then put everything into 3D.
    Anyone know of something like that?

    I found Wind3D, but I still can't model in the lines like I mentioned above(not precise enough).
    I'm using Ubuntu.

    I know I'm being a pain in the... but I've tried modeling with prgrams like Blender, but I just prefere the CAD style. Unfortunetly CAD software doesn't usualy let me do 3D work.
    Thanks for the help.


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    Wings3D is an alternative to Blender, but I'm not sure what the interface is like.

    Some free CAD apps with 3D capability are: VARKON, Synergy, ARCAD, and Cycas. VARKON is in the Ubuntu repositories so it's probably a good one to start with.

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    I would say the easiest way is to search in synaptic package manager for 3d modeling, it will give you several 3d programs.

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    BRL-CAD would be a good choice for axiological reasons.

    It's a released, free U.S. Military program for 3D development.

    For basic users, it's not that much of a big deal.
    For advanced users, it requires programming in C.

    However, it uses a command-line interface with a GUI output.
    It also has a bit of a GUI input, but it is limited.

    By the way, I tried installing BRL-CAD on Kubuntu a while back. It wasn't too successful.
    If you can get it working on a Linux OS, could you come back and say how you did it?

    ...this thread is old...

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    Agent-X -> I tried installing BRL-CAD on ubuntu this afternoon and it installed fine but I just can't figure how to run the darn thing.

    Thanks for the info.

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