i currently run redhat9 as red hat has proved a great distro to sink your teeth into it leave you wanting more so i went out and bought slackware 9.1 and had a go at it. the install went great. everthing was going good i set up my network card and things seemed fine until i went to launch my Xwindows and when it came up it was just a fine checkerd background and a X for a cursor and remained this way for quite some time. finally i hit ctrl+alt+bkspc and retured to a prompt and saw three out put errors something about a write-combining range and not beaing able to se it up. but what lead me to belive it was a DMA problem is when i reinstalled redhat i chose to have it boot up to a command prompt instead of booting in GUI mode and it gave me a DMA access error when i launced Xwindows from the prompt using the reinstalled redhat9

flow chart:

redhat9------>slackware9.1(errors)---------->redhat9(with out the GUI boot and got errors)

so thats where i was last time i tried i dont have too much save on my box so if i get a reply rater soon i can try this again with out reformating.

and i know i should be so dependant on the GUI but i have just moved from windoze and its kinda hard to let go and besides i like xmms and several other apps.

thanks for the help