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    Auto-backup / sync software?

    I used to use a program called Vice Versa Pro to keep my desktop and laptop in sync with each other, via a network file server. I simply had a shortcut on each system's desktop which would update all files which had changed since last backup, and synchronise them with the server. Provided I ran the backup on each machine before switching over, it was as if they were both one-and-the-same. This method has the added advantage that a copy is always left on the server, and thus after each switch from one machine to the other, backed up in triplicate, for extra safety

    Is there a similar package available for Linux? My laptop will continue to run WinXP for the forseeable future, but most of my documents are MSoffice, digital photos or email files (both machine use Thunderbird), so I should still be able to continue the way I always used to.

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    rsync is the usual Linux program for this. It is run from the terminal, but QSync and Grsync are GUI front-ends to it.

    Some other options are iFolder, Unison, and Komparator.

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    Thanks for the info. Although most of those seem to require to be installed on both machines, and my server is running Win2K. I have discovered Unison in SuSE which seems to do what I want it to do, in conjuction with mounting the network drive as a local folder.


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