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    Virtual PC for Linux

    On Windows I used to use Virtual PC 2004 to run old versions, such as DOS, Win3.11, and Win98. Mainly I did this to play old games etc, but it also reminds me how far we've come over the last few years.

    Anyway, I believe there is a Linux version (prob the original since Microsoft bought VPC) so can anyone tell me where I can get it please? The more progs I get running on SuSE and the less booting into WinXP I can get away with the better!

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    You can QEMU or VMWare, QEMU is open source and you can install a nice graphical front end called qemu-launcher
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    You can get the same functionality from VMware. But some other things worth checking out are DosBox for MS-DOS software, and wine for Windows software.
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    Thanks, Wine seems excellent for a great many things, but it seems to interface with my current hardware, where VirtualPC seems to emulate a specific hardware setup.

    Am I right?

    I had a look at Dosbox once before, but wasn't terribly impressed, although I can't recall why.

    I will have a look at VMware and see what it has to offer.

    Whilst we are on the subject of WIne, until now I have been navigating to the .wine directory, opening a console and typing "wine photoshop.exe" or something. Is there a way I can add something to my Kmenu which automatically opens a certain application in WIne? And in one case, opens it with root priveliges?

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