Statement - I know nothing about Linux. I am not really technical.

I had someone who set-up a VOIP system. He recommended and installed an OS of Ubuntu, running Asterisk. Now, I don't think he set it up correctly as I have had nothing but technical difficulties. Don't get me wrong, it does run fine for a while, then, like today, BT cocked up cut us off by accident, and the system goes down. I've tried rebooting and I've had the lines checked, I have a dial tone but nothing else.

Well, I do need to refine the first part - He didn't quite set it up. He installed everything, couldn't get it running, and strangely enough left the company. So, I had someone remotely configure it. At which point I was asked if this guy had ever set anything up before, never mind a VOIP system.

So, this leads me to my question.
  1. Is there anyone who lives near Aylesbury, Bucks (who isn't expensive!!!) who could be our technical support on this system. Obviously, I want to find someone who really knows what they are doing, no pretenders please.

Maybe you could just offer some help and guidance!!!

My system is down now, so urgent is the game.


01296 39 39 77
07973 541 628