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    beryl and compiz have no windows borders, but some effects are working (ubuntu 6.10)

    I installed compiz added the line that everyone says to add in your xorg.conf, followed a wiki on how to get xgl up and running, booted into an xgl session now I run compiz without errors but still cant get a window manager... I also can run beryl-manager and have all my effects(rotating cube, and other stuff) but dont have a window border

    I found compiz-freedesktop for 64bit and replaced compiz with it, now when i do "compiz-tray-icon" it gives me this huge list of plugins which arent installed, and i cant find anywhere where it tells to install these plugins or how.

    this crashes my system: gnome-window-decorator & compiz --replace --use-cow gconf

    by the way, im using nvidia drivers on 64 bit edgy.

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    Run compiz or beryl first - then run the window decorator. Also the ampersand doesn't join commands, it runs them in the background. You need to to join a command (&&)

    for compiz try
    compiz --replace gconf &
    gnome-window-decorator &
    Or for beryl try
    beryl &
    emerald --replace &
    beryl-settings-manager &

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    this works for me:
    beryl --replace settings &
    emerald &


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