I have managed to get the ICS to work, Linux--->XPhome after i found out the secret.

Now would like to install JRE for Firefox. The instructions from the Sun website are confusing as I am not very knowledgeable of the linux directory structure.

after downloading the file, I haven't been able to even come close to the install.

I want to make sure that All the Java will work for all users, so I assume that it shouldn't be installed in a users home/java directory (I don't like it there anyways, trying to keep things organized......

Trying to move the file to a directory such as usr/java with the "move" command didn't work. I thought it would be easier if I could move the .bin file to the directory it would be installed in for simplicity. Tried move and copy commands but couldn't get neither to work.

anyone got any simple instructions for installing?

Using Mandriva Free with Mozilla firefox.

Thanks in advance,