This has been making me crazy. Any help would be appreciated. I'm no Linux expert, so please keep that in mind.... Dammit Jim! I'm a chemist, not a computer scientist!

I downloaded and installed the free version (4.1.2) on our Sun computer. The server is working (after resetting the PATH - what a pain that was), and I can connect with the viewer from both my XP computer and our Linux box (IP address followed by session number, which Iíve been entering as 1). However, the screen is all gray on both the XP and Linux computers. There are 3 lines of text in the upper left corner.

Accept clipboards from viewers

Send clipboard to viewers

Send primary selection to viewers.

All are checked.

Clearly, something is wrong with how it is viewing the serverís desktop. What do I need to change to fix that? Iím not sure I understand what I need to change Ė something in the xstartup file? Vncconfig?

Keep in mind, I want to make this as student-proof as possible (I work in a lab at a university). Iíd ideally like for them to be able to connect from their own XP computer or the Linux box we have here in the lab with as little messing around on their part as possible.

I keep using session 1, and assuming thatís ok. I donít need to open a new session on the server each time I want to connect with the viewer, right? As I understand it, the server will run unless we purposely end it. Would this be a problem for students? I set a Ďdefaultí password for the server that everyone can use. I donít think this would be a security issue since once they got the viewer working properly, they still need to log into the Sun computer with their user ID and passwd.