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    auto login applciation

    Hi all,

    i am developing a small embedded linux syste. i have installed linux 2.4.32, busybox 1.2, X11R6.7, and Java. now just try to make the system works with auto login?
    does anybody can give me a hint how to do that? i need to pass the getty, login as a user, start the X, execute a shell script which generate a java GUI application.

    thanks for any hint.

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    if you have a gui installed, gdm, xdm, or kdm will automatically launch X on boot-up, and I'm pretty sure you can enable auto-logins on both Kde and gnome. Here's a page on how to do it in gnome:

    You can also auto launch applications in gnome and kde. There are a variety of ways to do this. Here's one way for doing it in gnome:

    You know, in hindsight, this may not be what you're looking for.

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    This seems to be exactly what you're looking for:

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    saves the day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabhan
    This seems to be exactly what you're looking for:
    i am using no display manager, so i was looking something that could make a user autolatically login from console and start the x windows. i use busybox 1.2. and it works very fine for init from busybox.

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