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    Ximian Evolution

    I'm starting using Evolution, but I see a strange behaviour.
    When deleting a mesage, it did'nt actually delete itself: it still remains in the folder, but displaying iwith a line in the middle of characters (as a "completed task").
    A copy of this message is moved also in trash folder, but even this message can't be deleted from trash!

    Help me please!

    Thank you.
    (I'm using red hat 8.0)

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    When you delete a message it puts a line through it showing that its marked for deletion. In the menu, there is a purge/empty trash/expunge option which deletes them. There is probably an option somewhere to hide messages marked for deletion so you don't see them with a line going through it.

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    Shortcut key?

    A lot of big systems with email use a similar function e.g. Lotus Notes. Is there not a shortcut key to purge these docs. In notes its F9. Or a setting somewhere to purge deleted docs on exit?

    Would be interested to know.
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    <ctrl>-x in evolution last I checked
    $ in mutt (mutt does the same thing, but instead of strikethrough, it just puts a D next to the message)
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    Ximian Evolution - expunge

    It's Ctrl-E ... just discovered it myself today - after my initial frustration over the same thing

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