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    Gaim Plugins.. Lets get a list going..

    OK, I've tried to dig out some plugins for Gaim. So far I've been unsuccessful. There doesn't seem to be a list out there that's comprehensive to all the available plugins out there for Gaim.

    Sure there are some here and there (also some on the Gaim websites), but there are some features in Gaim that I feel is lacking somehow. It doesn't do what I would expect for an open-sourced application.

    Something I find that is missing is the ability to hide the incoming conversations until I wish to view them. I could be busy for example and wish the program to be hidden in the taskbar while I work, when I want to view them later double-click or use a shortcut to do so. Example could be like what Messenger Plus is to MSN Messenger.

    Also the auto-message away feature doesn't seem to work for the MSN protocol.

    Anyways, lets get a list going.. surely someone somewhere has made a plugin and its not listed anywhere.

    I'll make a start here are a few:

    Note: Post any plugin that you find useful, something that generates a random number (D&D fans), etc etc.. go wild, if there's a plugin for Gaim that you know of, I wanna hear about it.

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    has a nice icon theme i dug up after reading your post. Also from the gaim home page you can find a bunch of smiley themes (i use the google-talk smiley theme hehe).


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