Hello people of LF. I am quite lost trying to install jabber. First I went to my synaptics package manager(I am using Ubuntu) and installed jabber, jabber-common, jabber-dev and jabber-msn.
The program told me to start jabber by typing the command "jabberd" in my terminal but everytime I do so my terminal replies something I do not how how to handle:

morten@ubuntu:~$ jabberd
A pidfile already exists at the specified location. Check to ensure another copy of the server is not running, or remove the existing file.

Please tell me what to do. :P
And..I do not know anything about jabber besides that it is an IM program that can communicate with other IM programs like MSN, which is why I want to install it.
I am already using GAIM but I wanted to see if this jabber thing was better.