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Thread: k9copy

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    Anyone had any luck with this one? I am running up to date suse 10.1. This k9copy has lead me down a string of dependencies and conflicts that I haven t been able resolve. Before I go any further am I better off just running dvd shrink with wine? All non sarcastic input appreciated, thank you!

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    Yes I've used k9copy before, I like it. On one dvd my friend couldn't get Nero or any windows programs to do it, and k9copy did it effortlessly. Go linux!

    There are other apps to use besides k9copy to explore, or you can say the heck with the gui and just use vamps and dvdauthor on the command line.

    Dependencies... there are only four--

    * DVDAuthor
    * libdvdread
    * growisofs
    * vamps

    and of course the usual kde, qt stuff and of course libdvdcss. If you're running kde and you can play dvds then you only need to worry about those top four.

    If you're having trouble resolving dependencies then perhaps you should ditch the what is mostly likely out of date binary and get the latest stable releases of k9copy and it's requirements from svn checkouts and just install from source.

    Usually grabbing an rpm from a package manager or the net is fast and easy, but in this case you have to stay on top of it. k9copy evolved very fast, you are most likely dealing with an early version that had alot of bugs.

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    I have it working on Fedora Core 6, I grabbed the "k9copy-1.1.0-beta2" after making sure I had the dependencies installed that mahlerfan listed.


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