I'm compiling GNOME 2.16.2 for VectorLinuc 5.8, and so far have made it through ok.
Now I'm trying to build Yelp (one of the last coponents before I take GNOME for a test-run), but I get this error during the ./configure:

checking whether we have a gtk 2 gecko build... configure: error: This > program needs a gtk 2 gecko build

Now, I had to add the --with-firefox flag to make it use the Firefox Gecko engine. Why do I get this error then, if I have GTK+ 2.10.6 on my system?
Not sure if Firefox was built againts this version of gtk, but if I'm not mistaken, the version provided in VectorLinux is the binary one from FF's website; they do use gtk v.2 right? or do I have to compile firefox myself?