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    Error in XMMS while playing MP3s

    Since RH9.1 doesn't license mp3's to be played in XMMS, I had to download the MPG123 plugin to allow XMMS to support mp3's. I installed the RPM without any problems. Now, I am able to play Mp3's, but I get an error sometimes. Sometimes it will play song after song and then stop and I get this error:

    Why do I get this error sometimes?

    My soundcard is ForteMedia 801. Linux recognized the card when I added it to the system and configured it without errors. Also, the songs play clear, but once I try to open a few applications while songs play, they seem to get staticy or clicky.

    The computer is clocked at ~766Mhz, 128 Ram, 10 GB HD. Would ram be any sort of issue here?

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    I'd be thinking that another program/process is trying to use the soundcard and between songs it steps in and blocks xmms.

    Next time it happens do a ps aux on a command line and see if there are any processes running that would use the sound card.

    Also check your desktop isn't using sound for events and such like.

    Ideally your sound server should enable multiple sound events. Is it configured properly?

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