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Thread: Which programs?

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    Thanks for all of your input

    i would like to thank you all for your helpful insights as to alternative programs for me to use.

    i have just one more question... i am currently using a
    ATI RADEON 9000 PRO and was wondering if the drivers that came pre installed on my fresh mandrake 9.1 was the newest available.
    i have checked out the ati site and the drivers they had there were for x86 4.2 or something... i tried downloading those but when i tried to install i was told that my copy of x86 was v4.3, not v4.2.

    the reason i ask this is because the 2d acceleration on my desktop seems a bit wacko.. like its not smooth.. i cant drag windows around without them lagging a bit.. is this something that most users experience? i dont remember getting such performance issues on my winxp ...

    im using:

    amd xp 1700+
    512 pc2100
    80gig maxtor hd
    mandrake 9.1 w/KDE
    radeon 9000 pro w/ sony cpd g400

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    The functionality of evolution is great. It has no problem handling the high volume of emails I get per day and autosorts them to the correct folder. I don't mind how it deletes but I also never get spam.

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    How have you managed not to get spam?! Please tell me your secret!

    This thread turned out to be full of surprises! Are you serious about Mandrake shipping XF86 4.3? That's like one week old. ( states it was tagged 27/2, so actually, it's exactly one week old.)

    Anyway, I don't think XFree86 ships with ATi's drivers, but their own drivers, that aren't optimizied for these new cards. It's very possible that ATi's drivers are compatible with XF86 4.3, though. I don't think XF86 has introduced any changes at that level that would make them incompatible, right? I don't know if they might become unstable, though. The best way to find out is probably to try them out.

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    No its shipping 4.2 I've been trying to get 4.3 installed for a couple of days.

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    Dolda: try mutt, it is a great command line client. Super customizeable, so you can use Vi type keybindings, Emacs, or some wacko job that will actually be of any use. If you want some good .muttrc files check . If you want my .muttrc file just ask, I have it all pretty, and make it so I can actually make the program useful for me.
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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