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    Attachments in Evolution

    OK, here's the low down. I finally made the complete switch to Linux about 6 months ago. I've been running it on my laptop every since. I ran into many road bumps along the way, but I've been able to push through most ot them... one remains (and more to come, I'm sure)... and it drives me crazy...

    In Evolution when I try to open/save an attachment it corrupts it some how. Let me explain. For example, say I want to open a word document (but it doesn't matter what type of file) attachment. I click on it, tell it to open with Open Office Writer, but it just spits out garbage. If I try to save the file first and then open it, the same problem occurs. If I open the email using another email application... say Kmail, everything works just fine.

    Additionally, I'm mentioning this because I think it's related, I can't view image attachments inside Evolution. If they are part of an html email I can see them fine, but it there is say... a jpg attachment to a plain text email it won't preview.... even if I tell it to load the image... it just gives me an empty box.

    Currently running version 1.2.2

    Any help with the little pain in my a$$ will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Similar error

    I have heard of a similar error in MS Outlook whereby if you have your mail settings to rtf - recipients cannot open your attachments as they get misencoded into garbage inside the email although the email thinks it has an attachment. I thought this was an MS balls up but maybe not. What client(s) are the users using to send you the emails and attachments.
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