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    cdrecord: prevent eject DVD

    I am working on setting up a server to make periodical backups to DVDRW.
    And in general, I have it all figured out.

    But there is one thing I can't seem to find/fix. Before cdrecord starts to burn, it ejects the DVDRW: tray goes open, closes and the burning process starts. Afterwards, it stays closed.

    And here is my problem: how to keep the tray closed at all times? The server which will act as a backup server has a "hidden" DVD-burner (behind a "little door" [sorry for the bad description]) and which can't be open.

    Is it possible to keep the tray closed? I've gone through the manpage, googled around, but it seems I can't find it or (and I hope not) what I want is not possible ...

    Note: on a similair machine with a CD-burner, this did not happen.
    So it might be related to burning a DVD? Just like you need to specify -blank with CDRW and not with a DVDRW?
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    is your device from Eindhoven? I looked in "man cdrecord" and found this:
    "Some devices (e.g. Philips) need to eject the medium before creating a new disk."
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    No, it's not from Philips. Actually, it is a Pioneer burner (perhaps using a Philips burn-unit ).

    Hmm.... I've checked it on another DVD burner I have lying around.
    That's one from LG. And it does the same.

    Command issued to burn:
    $ cdrecord dev=ATAPI:1,0,0 -v speed=4 -sao -pad -data dump.iso
    The used media was from Philips.
    But using TDK doesn't make a difference

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    Strange ... if I test the setup with Nero, the burner does not eject the DVD prior to the burning process.

    Any alternative ideas?

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