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    Management software for students?

    I'm looking for a software package that could help me manage my academic life (homework, test scores, notes, etc.) It can be standalone, HTTP-based (I have Apache/MySQL) or a web service, doesn't matter, although I'd prefer one of the first two. It needs to be more than just a calendar, more than just a scheduler and more than just a notepad. I'd like to be able to do the following things:

    1. see upcoming test dates and study guides and notes associated with each one
    2. plug in my grades so I can track how well I'm doing
    3. store contact information so I could mail classmates and keep running conversation threads for myself
    4. help manage group-oriented class assignments
    5. schedule due dates for assignments with warning flags of some sort when they're approaching or if they're past due
    6. other things I probably haven't thought of yet.

    I was thinking I could use something along the lines of phprojekt or even eGroupWare for this. Either of those two packages would probably be overkill, but their concepts are what I'm after. Even if it's not specifically tailored for students, could anyone recommend a package that could handle what I'm looking for?

    Points 1-5 above are extreme desirables, if not flat-out must-haves.


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    You could always use Kontact. It provides a common manager you could use for the functions you are looking for. Some of the integrated apps include:

    KMail - email client
    KOrganizer - calendar
    KAddressBook - contact manager
    BasKet - note taking application

    There are other apps for it as well, but I think the ones I listed are the most important for what you said you need.

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    The only thing I can't see Evolution doing out of the box is #2 but I'm fairly sure you can ask it to do that stuff for you. If you're looking for an all-inclusive app that handles all of that, your class should provide you with Blackboard or something equivalent to that.


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