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    Lynx won't "Always" allow cookies?


    I cannot seem to get Lynx to always allow cookies, from any site. I type "a" as in (A)lways, yet every time I go back to the site it asks again.

    I changed the "ALWAYS_ALLOW_COOKIES" field in my lynx.cfg to "TRUE", yet still the same.

    I have Googled, and read through the Lynx Users Guide, to no avail.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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    lynx --accept_all_cookies works for me. If you need only text-based browser you may also use links.

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    works, kinda- but why doesn't it "rememer me" on a site?

    Thank you, manuhack

    That seems to work, but do you have any idea why when I fill out a login form and select "log me in every time" it doesn't remember, and I still have to fill out the form each time?


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    Hi Allasso,

    Did you check if you had
    in your lynx.cfg?

    In my case (Ubuntu Lucid) it was set to false FALSE and the cookies weren't remembered. I set it to TRUE and now the "Remember me" buttons work across sessions!


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