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    DVD::RIP on Red Hat 9 and multiple RPM packages

    I've been at this all day now and I can't seem to get this to install. I searched high and low all over google and FAQ's for dvd-rip and it's constituent parts but cannot seem to come up with an answer. I'm completely new with linux and am looking to back up some dvd's. I understand that dvd::rip is the best program for this.

    Now, I tried installing the packages it said it needed, Perl Gtk Module, transcode, and imagemagick. I got the .rpm files for all of these and tried installing those. But when I tried installing them they would come up and tell me that I needed this different package like XFree86-libs version 4.3.0-2. I found the packages it said I needed and attempted to install them but it told me that I had a newer version already installed. I'm completely lost as to what to do now.

    I then noticed that some of the packages I needed came along with some of the development tools on the Red Hat 9 cd's. I tried installing the development packages from the RedHat cd-rom but it came up and told me I was missing packages as well, but once again the packages on my computer were newer.

    I have Red Hat 9 installed and just before trying to do this I updated through the red hat website (it told me there were 99 updates), I'm wondering..was this updating bad because now I can't even install packages off the Red Hat 9 cd's?

    Please Help

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    I can answer your last question :

    The update was probably NOT a bad thing,
    the reason why you can't use packages of the CD is because you already have newer versions of them, which you got from the Red Hat server.

    And if you try to install something you haven't installed before from the cd, and it starts whining about version-dependencies, then just go ahead and download a never version of the package in question.

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