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    Problem in Squirrelmail

    Dear Forum:
    Hope to see you in good health.
    I want to send and receive emails using my IP address and not my
    domain name!, i.e. the email address should be of the format
    I installed Squirrelmail, made an entry of it at apache Webserver,
    i.e. when i wrote "http://localhost" in my browser ,i got the login
    page of squirrelmail.
    I made different accounts and hence can login in squirrelmail, using
    different user names, like root, or httpd etc etc.
    I manage to send emails, the email were of the format:
    username = my login name with which i login
    servername = my server name which i choose for squirrelmail, u know
    "./configure", I can even choose "" and can send emails,
    but u know it is unethical . I can send emails to any body around
    the world. Anyway to cut the story short here is my Problem:
    I can send emails but I cant receive emails, I know that I have to
    send emails in the format name@[], but when I send email I
    got message that
    "Couldnt send mail for Four Hours".

    So I can summarize my problem as
    "I can send emails, But iam unable to receive emails"
    Here are my server settings( I think so these are enough ) of
    Squirrelmail as follows:
    squirrelmail version = 4.1.2
    Redhat version = Redhat Linux 9
    domain name = i even tried my IP address)
    Invert time = False
    sendmail or smtp = smtp
    IMAP Settings:
    IMAP Server = Localhost
    IMAP Port = 143
    Authentication Type = login
    Secure IMAP(TLS) = false
    Server Software = uw
    Delimiter = Detect

    SMTP Settings:
    SMTP Server = localhost
    SMTP Port = 25
    POP Before SMTP = False
    SMTP Authentication = none
    Secure SMTP(TLS) = false

    Also my webserver name is my IP Address( i.e.
    And my IP address is a registered IP address.
    So Kindly help me and point out what is wrong, as far as i can guess I
    think so my SMTP settings are all right because i can send emails, but
    since I cant receive any email so I think so some thing is wrong with
    my POP3 Settings,
    Where i can rectify this, I am sort of new in this field, so kindly
    treat me just like that.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance
    Azhar Bilgrami

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    This is not my area so this is probably a long shot....
    tried to change your IMAP-server to your IP(

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