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    Will Apple's Aperture 1.5 run on a Linux OS

    Is it possible to download/install and run Apple's Aperture 1.5 program on a Linux box?

    My daughter is starting a photography business and can not afford the $3200 for the Macbook Pro laptop right now. She has an older laptop with XP, and uses Photoshop to edit all her pictures.

    I tried to load photoshop 7 on my Linux box, but some of the editing tools that she uses do not work.

    I do not want this to get into a discussion on the merits or detriments of Gimp. She and I have both tried it. Gimp does not appeal to her. I use it for minor things but find Photoshop (run with Windows) much more versatile.

    She eventually wants to move into an Apple so she can use Aperature 1.5, and I know nothing about them. I thought I would ask the dumb question first.

    Thanks for your response.

    AMD XP-M 2800+
    1 gb RAM
    Dual Boot from two hdd's
    Suse 10.1 and XP

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    I don't know if Aperture will run on Linux, but there is a competing program called LightZone that does. LightZone is free for use on Linux, but costs money for Windows and OS X.

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