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    mozilla 1.x and downloadwith

    is anyone using a mozilla 1.2.1 with DownloadWith? it doesn't seem to work for me. i DLed v 0.7. and now i can't get mozilla to run anymore. i'm still trying to fix it with no luck.. . i don't want to reinstall mozilla. it's a lame excuse for not fixing it.. .

    i want to integrate kget when DLing when using mozilla.
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    ok i have Mozilla up and running fine now. don't know what happened when i installed Downloadwith.

    any way/s to integrate kget and mozilla?
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    I don't know if you can do that....
    since Mozilla handles its own downloads...

    I know that you can make KGet integrate with Konqueror (duuh)
    by just checking the preferences...
    the question is of you want to use Konqueror...


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    downloadwith tries to integrate it with mozilla. .. it doesn't seem to work for me... . i get the DL prompt, then it offers an app to DL it with, i choose kget but i don't get the ok button. it's always grayed-out.. .

    i'm not sure if downloadwith supports mozilla 1.2.x... . maybe it requires firefox or newer versions... .
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