Okay this is a problem I have been having for a good bit now. It is a problem with audacious. It works fine for the most part, except for when I try to close it. If I use the exit button or the close button on the menu what happens is my screen does this weird glitch and then my system freezes completely. I must reboot to get my system back. I can kill it from the command-line and nothing is wrong. I know it is a small issue, I can just kill it when I want to close it, but it doesn't save my current playlist or settings that way. It is annoying as hell. Now just for basic information. I am running gentoo, and am up-to-date on all updates. I am using audacious 1.2.2 . One person suggested it may be a gtk issues. I reinstalled both gtk and audacious last night. I don't know what to do. I have tested it with empty playlists, and full, and different settings. I even thought it may be the theme I am using. So I changed it, and tested. Still the same issue. So, ya. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please. Thank you for your time.