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    playing a dvd on kaffeine

    When i put the dvd into the drive and go to kaffeine and click on the play dvd thing it gives me this message: this version of Xine(used by Kaffeine) has only a reduced set of supported codes. It is not able to play dvds. What do i download to fix this? or just give me the name of a different linux player that can play dvds)

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    You can download a new/non-messed with version of xine from here. Install that and it should solve your problems.
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    .. thanx a lot for help but problem is my labtop doesnt have a dvd writing drive( whatever

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    Well, you need at least a DVD cdrom. Writing is not necessary, but it has to be able to read a DVD. Is there a DVD emblem on your drive?

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    I think what you need is libdvdcss.

    Install that and Kaffine should work.

    BTW... What distro, version, desktop are you running? That always helps.

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