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    Need Help with X

    This may have been answered before, but I do not really have the time to look through all the old posts on the forum to maybe find one that addresses my problem.

    I am using SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional. I am having a big problem with X. When it loads up init 5 and it brings me to my graphical login screen, then once I input my password for my selected identity, it acts like it will let me login, but then it flashes a black screen and takes me back the the graphical login screen. Can someone please help me?! I am in dire need of it, and if you can I will regard you as a god. Please help!

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    Why don't you try:
    going to runlevel 3 at bootime (type linux 3 or init 3 at the boot prompt; i am not sure about SuSe) and running X by yourself. If you get the same result check your /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow file (if you are using shadow passwords). Compare them to a previous security backup of those file (if you made one). Have you accessed the internet ? Sounds to me someone has been playing with those files. There is also a possibility that someone chmod-ed the bin folder so you can't log-in !
    I hope this helps, or someone who knows more helps you soon.

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    Also, do you have write access to your home directory? Does it exist at all?

    Good luck

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    Well, I really couldn't figure out what was actually wrong with it. I tried so many things an I just gave up and reinstalled it. Though I have been careful not to go into root since it seems like it always happens for some reason when I go in there like maybe loging in and loging out without doing anything. My friend uses the same distribution as me and has never had a problem like this. Its probably an error by me somewhere, but I don't know what it could possibly be.

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