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    Angry Open Source Conversion

    I'm am so mad man that people everywhere hate open source whether it is programs or Linux itself. Currently I like linux and want to know if anybody else has this problem I get comments like linux sucks, blender is unproffesional, gimp isn't better than Adobe? Things like this (you don't want to hear firefox comments). If so have you ever made somebody get a open source programs because me so far the only thing I was able to do is make a couple people use firefox and thats it.

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    Linux Guru anomie's Avatar
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    I live in a tech-friendly community where the majority of folks are open to practical uses of OSS. I feel like it's given a fair trial around here. So I can't relate exactly.

    What I can suggest is if someone is happy with their proprietary solutions (personal or business), it may be better to just let them be. No need to force the issue before it's ready to be debated fairly.

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    You'll catch more bees with honey - I don't try to convert people. It's not worth the effort and it usually doesn't stick.

    Just try to lead by example. I show people around me my better performance and better functionality by using my system and that more often than a conversation or debate has inspired friends of mine to try Linux or other Open Source Software.

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    I do want to convert people to open source because it is hard to believe that all this software is free and it is so good unbelievable good. I can't believe myself sometimes. Though I don't want to force this on someone but I hate it when people say that open source is bad or crappy. I also never even knew how to tell people or prove to people that OSS doesn't have viruses or prove to them that it doesn't have it. Like to make sure that this website won't have viruses.

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