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Thread: rsync question

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    rsync question

    If i were to rsync SuSE 9.0 to my server, and get a script to rsync it weekly, i know the updates will be ok, but when SuSE 9.1 is out, if i then rsync SuSE 9.1 to the same folder, will it be ok? Or would it b better to rsync SuSE 9.1 to a different folder?
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    Well...I would be inclined to think that it wouldn't hurt anything...but I would also be hesitant to try and risk borking my system (well...not really...but I *should* be ). I think that this is a situation where you just have to implement Trial and Error if you can afford it (or make the proper backups).

    But to get a better idea of what you are doing...What are you rsyncing? A SuSE install? What function does this provide, etc.?
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    No, i am rsync'ing the install files for SuSE. SuSE as a distro don't offer iso files for download. Instead you simply download a 20 meg CD boot image that allows you to install off the net, so what i was going to do was to rsync the latest version of SuSE onto my server, and then as and when i need to install/reinstall linux, i can do it effectively over the net at 100mbps if i keep the rsync up2date.
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