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Thread: swat

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    I try Install swat, but I can't.

    What isthis ?

    warning: swat-2.2.8a-1.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID f9651d5a
    error: Failed dependencies:
    rc-inetd >= 0.8.2 is needed by swat-2.2.8a-1
    inetdaemon is needed by swat-2.2.8a-1 is needed by swat-2.2.8a-1 is needed by swat-2.2.8a-1
    cups-lib is needed by swat-2.2.8a-1

    What can I do ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    well, I don't know what swat is, but the problem is pretty straightforward.
    To work properly, swat needs a few other programs/library, and according to your error output those are :

    rc-inetd >= 0.8.2 which means rc-inetd, version 0.8.2 or later
    inetdaemon, which is probably some package, which means the crypto lib, version , the ssl lib, version
    cups-lib, the cups library, which is used for printing

    You can probably find rpm:s for those packages at rpm-find or wherever.

    just make sure you get the right version, if specified.


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    Swat is the Samba configuartion GUI.

    1. What distro are you using? Swat has been standard on the CD's for a while now with most distros. You could probably install from disk, that would solve your first problem, and the other libs should be on your disks as well.
    2. If you're using a newer distro, like Redhat or Mandrake, they have programs that will not only install the program, but all dependancies as well. For example, to install swat using Mandrake, I type in

    urpmi swat
    and it automatically installs everything I need to run the program.

    Try that out, let us know if you're still having problems.
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