Dear all,

I am using Kile as my Latex editor with the default tetex running.

I have some issues with the spell checker.

I switched to Aspell when I realised that Ispell can't handle elements in the periodic table. However, Ispell makes a better stab handling latex formatting within a word, by including the whole string where Latex formatting might be involved, accents and so forth. Though now many words have been included in the dictionary with backslashes and other characters. Aspell can only read between formatting commands.

Nor can it do spell check on the fly? How can I resolve these issues? I understand flyspell is not possible and may have to wait for KDE4.0.

What about a spell checker that includes a whole word string and doesn't believe that backslashes actually make up words?

I don't have this problem in Windows using Mixtex with Winedt or using Emacs with flyspell.

Any help will be appreciated.

P.S. what does "[BibTeX] finished with exit status 2" mean? Is tetex any good? I am using AMStex to write my thesis.