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    DVD Backup Software

    So say I am in a country where it is not illegal to decode DVD's, and I am looking for a software that will allow me to decode a DVD and make a backup ISO file that would be able to be either saved and mounted to watch, or burned to a DVD +R/-R. Any programs of the like?

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    dvdshrink (a windows program) works very well in wine :

    Or else there are a few Linux native applications that do the same : k9copy, xdvdshrink, etc.
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    I've tried a few. The one that worked best for me was k9copy. It will automatically make an ISO image suitable for a 4.7 GB DVD that you can then burn using k3b or whichever application you're most comfortable with. Take a look at this thread.

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    Now this will copy DVD's that are protected as well? Because I attempted using some utility that was already on here dvd::rip and it kept having an error that the video was protected or encoded. These will get around this?

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    You will need to have installed libdvdcss to be able to decrypt CSS protection with dvd::rip or any other program
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    I think aptitude installed that lib when I installed k9copy. k9copy looks to have worked. Now my issue is playing the iso file as a DVD. I tried just simply mounting the file as a /media/dvd and did me no good. Kaffeine and everything else only recognize it as a directory. Is there a way to make the system view these files as a DVD in the DVD-ROM or do I just have to actually burn them to DVD first.

    And on a side note. What is with the different settings in k9copy. Am I to assume that unless I want it to make them into MPEG4 I don't need to worry about those settings? I should pay attention to the file size max and what not under backup only? Thanks!

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    Ok not sure if this is the answer to my solution, but is it possible to instead mount via:

    sudo mount -t udf -o loop starwars.iso /home/user/StarWars
    Instead of using:

    sudo mount -t iso9660 -o loop starwars.iso /home/user/StarWars
    Would this even work? And if so should it make that a DVD device? Or should that be something mounted under /media ?

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