hello i've been on this project for quite a while now ...

1) i converted a vhs stream to an avi file and from that to an MPG file so i could burn it onto a dvd

2) the question was shoud i try out to make a menu fro the dvd ?

3) ok so i am trying to use qdvdauthor but its acting really strange

4) i am trying to Make chapters of the original dvd stream AND not to cut uo the movie into smaller ones so i need chapters right ?

5) ok so chapters work but almost ONLY when i choose qdvdauthor to add chapters automatically , which is no use cause i need the chapters to certain points of the movie say like

chapters="00:00:00.000,00:00:04.539,00:00:06.360,0 0:00:07.360,00:00:08.399,00:00
:10.449,00:00:11.489,00:00:14.319,00:00:16.049,00: 00:19.360,00:00:21.399,00:00:2
4.149,00:00:25.149,00:00:27.430,00:00:30.000,00:00 :31.350,00:00:34.189,00:00:35.
389,00:00:36.479,00:00:38.209,00:00:39.419,00:00:4 2.119,00:00:43.369,00:00:45.58
0,00:00:47.470,00:00:49.250,00:00:50.590,00:00:52. 500" />

so there are about 27 chapters in there

i just wonder why even if i use 2 of the above chapters it won't work and will take me to the START of the movie ??

6) this does work when i change the movie to a

a)smaller mpg file
b) the buttons are bigger
c)maybe further away from each other

7) could the mpeg file be the reason of this ?

CAN dvd AUTHOR proccess those kind of chapters as the ones i have posted above ?

thankYOU for your replies
in advance